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What is PMGT?
PMGT is a blockchain token that represents physical gold stored in the vaults of The Perth Mint. It is based on GoldPass, The Perth Mint‘s full-service gold investment platform that digitises physical gold in the form of digital certificates. PMGT offers a tokenised version of GoldPass certificates on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. GoldPass certificates are are fully backed by physical Perth Mint gold, with the weight and purity of every ounce guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia.
What is GoldPass? How is it linked to PMGT?
GoldPass is The Perth Mint’s smart phone app, allowing investors the ability to securely and conveniently trade, transfer, and own physical gold stored at The Perth Mint in a cost-effective and easy way. All gold backing GoldPass is government guaranteed and allows for physical delivery.
Is PMGT a Perth Mint product and is it government guaranteed?
The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) is an InfiniGold product and InfiniGold is the issuer of PMGT. The Perth Mint is the custodian of the underlying physical gold that backs all GoldPass certificates, including those held by InfiniGold that back PMGT. GoldPass is a Perth Mint product and the physical gold that backs all GoldPass certificates is Government Guaranteed.
If PMGT is not Perth Mint’s product then why is it called Perth Mint Gold Token?
The Perth Mint is one of the world-leading gold refiners and they produce some of the world highest quality bars and coins with secure vaults in place for storage. InfiniGold are industry leaders in the fintech field and we are the issuer of the token; The Perth Mint is providing their custodian services to InfiniGold for all of the underlying physical gold backing PMGT. The Perth Mint are willing to license their name to the product as all gold behind the token is Perth Mint gold.
How can I get PMGT, where can I buy them?
You will be able to trade PMGT against other digital assets on popular crypto exchanges, soon. InfiniGold is in discussions with a number of major exchanges but, due to the sensitive nature of the project, we were unable to further negotiate any details before the launch of PMGT on October 10th. Sign up to our newsletter and we will inform you when the token becomes available for trading.

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