Important Message

We are aware of a number of scams that have been illegally using PMGT branding to mislead and defraud investors. We are currently working on minimising the risk of these scams to market participants. Please use the following guidance to assist you in identifying these frauds

Fake social media accounts

Fake social media pages that are branded very similarly to PMGT crop up regularly. Check the username of the page carefully to ensure that you do not fall for these.

Our official communication channels/public usernames are as follows:

Fake apps

PMGT does not have a mobile app.
The Perth Mint GoldPass app is named "Perth Mint GoldPass" and is published on the Apple App Store by the developer "Gold Corporation" and on the Google Play Store by the developer

Airdrops and Giveaways

PMGT does not participate in "airdrops". Announcements related to PMGT airdrops should be treated as scams.

Requests for payment

PMGT does not ask you to send ETH (or other cryptocurrencies) to random wallet addresses (with or without future repayment guarantees). Requests for payment should be treated as scams.
Refer to for all channels for obtaining PMGT.

Requests for private keys

PMGT does not ask you for your private key, wallet mnemonic phrase or private keystore file for any service, or KYC verification. Requests for these should be treated as scams.